State of the Nation

The IIA-Australia seeks to continually update its services and resources available to Members, and to also contribute to wider public debate on governance matters.

Over time, the IIA-Australia has advocated for mandated internal audit in the public sector and corporate arenas. While some of these advocacy efforts have proven successful, others have failed to get the attention of decision-makers.

To provide a governance snapshot of each jurisdiction in Australia, we have initiated the IIA-Australia State of the Nation covering:

  • Australian Government.
  • State and Territory Governments.
  • State and Territory Local Government.
  • Corporate sector.
  • Not-for-profit sector.

The snapshots are in a report card format. More will follow over coming months until all jurisdictions are represented.

We are currently in the process of updating our State of the Nation resources. Please check back at a later date. 

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