Fundamentals of Internal Auditing

The Fundamentals of Internal Auditing is offered as a facilitator-led training course.

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This training course consists of:
  • 21-25-hour facilitator-led online course.
  • Assessment tasks (optional).
Learning outcomes:
  • Perform the work of internal auditing, enabling you to carry out your assignment on the value-added audit engagement
  • Engage in a risk-based audit approach – planning, process documentation, testing, analysis, and reporting
  • Understand internal auditing today
  • Become familiar with the scope and application of the International Professional Practices Framework
  • Learn the concepts and terms that are central to internal auditing
  • View your own organisation from an internal auditing perspective
  • Communicate and “sell” internal auditing results
Key content points:
  • Understanding internal auditing as a discipline
  • The types of internal audit
  • The International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
  • The audit process – step by step
  • Understanding risk-based auditing
  • Understanding and auditing internal controls
  • Audit planning, analytical review, observation
  • Interview skills and managing client relationships
  • Process documentation
  • The audit program, conducting fieldwork
  • Writing an audit report
  • The exit interview, putting it all together

The training course consists of 10 modules and all the assessments leading up to the microcredential are optional when you are enroled in the training course.

There are three microcredentials on offer for the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Training course as explained in the image below. You can choose to do any microcredential(s) as part of the assessment. The learner can choose to do the assessments during or immediately after the completion of the course.

After the completion of all three microcredentials, they will be entitled to a full “Fundamentals of Internal Auditing” Digital Badge and a Statement of Attainment on the training course.

  • There is no prerequisite or entry requirement. The learner shall need basic Microsoft Word skills to complete the assessment report.
  • The method of assessment requires the learner to complete a Quiz, Reflection Task and Written Assignment for each microcredential.
  • The estimated number of hours spent on completing the assessment tasks is between 2 and 3 hours for each microcredential.
  • The learner must submit their completed assessment tasks within 4 weeks of attending the self-paced training session to continue with the learning-based assessment pathway to microcreedential.. The learner may request and negotiate an extension of time for up to one week.
  • There are no formal credits/RPL provided for this microcredential.
  • The microcredential may be suitable for anyone working in the “Internal Auditing” industry. Upon successful completion and being deemed competent, you will earn the “Statement of Attainment”, and “Digital Badge” for the assessed microcredential(s).