Competency matrix

Competency Matrix

The IIA’s Internal Audit Competency Framework© maps out the recommended training, publications, and guidance needed to ensure the most up-to-date applied knowledge and skills. Internal auditors at every level can access a comprehensive and fluid plan that defines training and resources well beyond the basics.

Uses for your organisation

This competency matrix can be used:

  • to assist you and your staff to develop a career pathway, identify strengths, areas for improvement (competency gaps) and any further training required
  • to set performance expectations and measures for each role
  • as a benchmark against the competency matrix of your own organisation
  • to assist HR professionals and recruiters to develop appropriate job descriptions and recruit suitably qualified staff

Copies of the matrices are available to members of IIA-Australia in the members section of the IIA Global's website. To access the document, click here - you will need your global login details to access. 

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