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In-House Training - IIA-Australia

All IIA-Australia courses can be offered as an In-House training program, either as is, or tailored to meet specific needs. The major benefit of In-House training is flexibility. Content can be modified from existing material to ensure relevance to your industry.

IIA-Australia will develop courses on demand to meet your organisational challenges and needs. Dates and training locations are flexible, with most organisations opting to train at their premises.

Benefits of In-House Training Programs

Cost effective - Minimise travel and associated costs by opting to train at your premises. Fees for In-House training are charged at a daily rate, resulting in staff training at a very low cost per person, particularly for 8 or more participants.

Flexible - Content and training materials can be tailored to suit your industry group or business sector. Course dates and locations are decided by you and can fit in with your work demands or internal professional development programs.

Immediate Application - Using real-life examples from your own organisation and by learning together in familiar surroundings,  participants find common understandings are quickly formed. Learning outcomes from In-House training are more readily implemented with immediate benefit to your organisation.

Options to suit you

Regular - A public program offered In-House with little or no modification to format and content.

Tailored - A public program with tailored content, focus, length, examples and/or activities to meet your particular business needs.

Custom-made - A course specifically developed to meet the needs of your organisation. 

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