IIA Global relaunches the Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) exam

by Tess Borges | Nov 12, 2021
To keep pace with the dynamic global risk arena, The IIA has relaunched its Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) exam to reflect the in-depth organisational knowledge and advanced skill sets required to succeed in risk management assurance. The revised CRMA is positioned as a career pathway for internal auditors after they have achieved the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation.

As the only risk management assurance certification for internal auditors, the CRMA focuses on the key elements to unlocking internal audit’s full potential and validates one’s ability to provide advice and assurance on risk management to audit committees and executive management. The collective effect of the changes further aligns the CIA and CRMA, empowering practitioners to showcase their advanced risk management assurance acumen.
Visit the CRMA program webpage for details about the updated program and take advantage of free application through 31 December 2021. Apply now!

The new CRMA Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions, 2nd Edition, is the comprehensive review material you need to prepare for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) exam, and is now available through the IIA Bookstore. Shop now​.

If your CIA is in Grace Period, you will be required to report CPE before you can apply. Click here to report CPE.