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Payment by Visa attracts a surcharge of 1.23%. This amount will be added to the total.

  What is this?

Make a Payment

Choose from a range of payment options including: online...  You will need a reference number to make a payment.

To make a credit card payment to IIA-Australia for an issued invoice, enter the invoice number as found on the invoice, your name, and the amount you wish to pay in the appropriate fields below.

After you have entered this detail, you will be taken to a secure Payment Gateway.  We accept the following credit cards through the online payment gateway at present:

*1.05% surcharge for Amex | 1.23% surcharge for Visa/MasterCard |
3% surcharge for Diners.

Please note: all payments are in Australian dollars ($AUD).

If you have any problems or questions relating to online payments, please email or call or account department on 61 2 9267 9155.