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Assurance Mapping - Online Classroom

Are there gaps in your assurance framework which could potentially expose your organisation?

Assurance mapping is a tool which enables Internal Auditors to visually present all assurance activities of the organisation, both internal and external, as they apply to the organisation's risks. 


For example, the map might depict the top risks such as the most likely strategic risks an organisation faces, or it might set out specific compliance duties that cover director obligations. A clear benefit is that once complete, any gaps or duplications can be identified and corrected. This course will take you through the assurance mapping process which can be practically applied in all organisations no matter how big or small.   

Topics Covered

  • Identifying the essential enterprise risk management elements needed for assurance mapping
  • Identifying which assurance providers can be included and knowing why
  • Knowing how to assess the extent of the assurance coverage for each process and sub-process
  • Identifying various alternatives to consider when assessing potential gaps and / or duplicate coverage areas
  • Strategies for building a practical assurance mapping action plan for Internal Auditors

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training course, the participant will be able to: 

  • Better decision making around risk and assurance
  • Stronger compliance and review processes
  • The freeing up of resources for other use
  • Greater certainty for directors and management


Presenter: Cathy Blunt Principal, O’Connor Marsden and Associates


Cathy B  

Cathy is a Principal with OCM, with responsibility for internal audit and risk management services to clients in Northern NSW and Queensland.  Cathy has over 25 years’ experience in internal and external audit, risk management and government services.  Cathy also has extensive experience with in-house and outsourced Chief Audit Executive roles, including dealing with Audit and Risk Management Committees. 


Cathy also has extensive experience in Audit and Risk Committee roles, most recently as the Chair of the IIA Global Audit Committee where Cathy was responsible for overseeing the internal audit, external audit, risk management and external financial and taxation reporting requirements of IIA Global operations.  Cathy also chaired the IIA Australia Audit Committee when she was a Director on the IIA Australia Board. 


Cathy held appointments as an independent member on Audit and Risk Management Committees for Residential Tenancy Authority, University of the Sunshine Coast, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Department of Families and Department of Community Services.


Online Classroom:This full one day training program will be delivered in two 3 hour lessons (10:30am - 01:30pm AEST) over two days on 11, 12 April using Zoom.

This training course is at full capacity and not taking further enrolments. If you wish to register for a waiting list, please email us at [email protected].

Next Assurance mapping course is scheduled for 4, 5 July.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2023 to Wednesday, 12 April 2023
Online Classroom


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Assurance Mapping - Online Classroom

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