Course Structure

GradCertIA - Course Structure

The course consists of four (4) compulsory modules (subjects) worth 6 credit points each (a total of 24 credit points for the award of Graduate Certificate). The first three (3) modules are technical/skills based while the final (capstone) module focuses primarily on practical application of previous learning in the course in workplace contexts, as well as professional interpersonal and management skills.

The titles of the four modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Risk Based Internal Auditing
  • Module 2 – Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Module 3 – Organisational Systems and Processes
  • Module 4 – Professional in Practice.
Each of the four modules that will make up the course will be conducted over a single semester.

Each module will be conducted over a 14 week semester with the expectation that candidates will spend 144 hours in total over the semester engaged in private study, participating in interactive learning opportunities and completing assessment requirements. Each semester will consist of a 12 week teaching period plus a 2 week period (Weeks 13 and 14) set aside for candidates to complete their major assessment task.