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Chair: Gordon Pereira AMIIA 
Vice-Chair: Vivek Chopra AMIIA
Vincent Lie PFIIA CIA
  • Petrova Cox PMIIA GradCertIA
  • Andrew Dacombe PMIIA
  • Graham Mathews PFIIA (immediate Past Chair)
  • Christopher Park PMIIA CIA
  • Isaac Razunguzwa PMIIA CIA
  • Ripalkumar Shah AMIIA
  • Gary Ganesh Sivaji PMIIA CIA
  • Jacqui Wix PMIIA GradCertIA

Message from the Chapter Chair

The members of the Queensland Chapter Council look forward to working closely with the members of the Institute of Internal Auditors – Australia (IIA-Australia) and the members of the Queensland Audit Community to help improve the auditing profession.

One of the Queensland Chapter Council’s role is to provide opportunities through a local forum for our members to meet and connect with each other.  This year presents an exciting challenge for us, as we identify and explore new opportunities and new ways of connecting during these COVID-19 days.  We have already moved to holding our Members Meetings via Zoom / video conferencing technology.  This will continue for a large part of the year as we monitor developments through this pandemic.

Another important aspect of the Queensland Chapter Councils role is to provide a conduit for our members to engage with and have input into the National Audit Agenda and the IIA-Australia Board on matters of interest and emerging issues within the industry.  While we are not meeting face-to-face at the moment, you can still engage with us and raise issues or concerns; ask questions; or seek advice by sending an email to enquiry@iia.org.au.  Just address it for the attention of the “Queensland Chapter Council.”  We would like to hear from you.

When we do get back to holding face-to-face meetings and events, I would encourage you to reach out to us – so please come and talk to us when you see us.  Our Chapter Council is made up of members that come from a range of industry sectors and varying backgrounds.  As dedicated members of the Chapter Council, we are here to serve your interests and would like to hear from you.  Alternatively, if you have an intertest in understanding how the Chapter Council works or even how you might be able to help, please reach out to us as we are more than happy to discuss this with you and invite you along to one of our Council meetings.

Suggestions for Member Meeting Topics

The Chapter Council is more than happy to take suggestions on possible Member Meeting topics and/or speakers.  The meetings need to be of benefit and value to you, so we are more than happy to hear about what interests you.  Please email us at enquiry@iia.org.au with any suggestions.

Favourite Links

Here are some of the Chapter Council’s favourite sources of news and discussion affecting the profession. 

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For more information about the Queensland Chapter Council and how to get involved, contact:

Chair, Queensland Chapter Council