IIA-Australia Awards

Bob McDonald Award

The Bob McDonald Award is named in honour of the first Australian to hold the position of International Chairman of the global IIA-Australia and of his outstanding contribution to the profession of internal audit.

First presented in June 2004, the inaugural recipient of the Bob McDonald Award was Frank Bowles CIA FIIA(Aust). To date, recipients of this prestigious professional award are:

  • 2020: Barry Davidow PFIIA CRMA
  • 2019: Stephen Horne PFIIA CIA CGAP CRMA
  • 2018: Philomena Leung PFIIA
  • 2016: Cathy Blunt PFIIA CIA 
  • 2015: Gary Anderson PMIIA CIA CRMA 
  • 2014: David Lawler PFIIA CIA 
  • 2012: Peter Roebuck MIIA(Aust) 
  • 2011: Maree Patane PMIIA CIA CRMA and Bill Middleton PFIIA CIA CRMA
  • 2009: Jocelyn Newton FIIA(Aust) 
  • 2008: Bruce Turner AM PFIIA CGAP CRMA 
  • 2007: Michael Parkinson PFIIA CIA CRMA and Richard Norris MIIA(Aust) 
  • 2006: Glen Laslett PMIIA CIA CCSA CRMA 

Nominations can be submitted at any time for the Bob McDonald Award although there is a formal call for nominations once a year.  In 2020, the closing date for nominations is the 6 October 2021. To nominate, download and complete the following form:

Bob McDonald - Award Criteria & Nomination Form 

Award for Meritorious Service or Contribution

This newly created award is to recognise meritorious service or contributions to the IIA-Australia or profession at large, by a member. Nominations are to be made by Chapter Councils.

John Blackman Certified Internal Auditor Award

The annual John Blackman Award is named after the first President of the NSW Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia.

The aim of the John Blackman Award is to demonstrate the Institute's commitment to the highest standards of professional practice in internal auditing.

The Award recognises the achievement by an Australian candidate in passing the CIA® examinations (all four parts – 1990 to 2001; three parts – 2015+) without failures and excellent scores.

The inaugural winner in 1990 was Dennis Fullgrabe. Subsequent winners are:

2020: Xin Deng 1999: Cameron Duck 
2019: Joshua Gould  1998 Peter Coon
2018: Paul Townsend 1997: Magdalena Au
2017: Jessica Gabai 1996: George Edwards
2016: Drew Turner 1995: Robert Overell
2015: James Manning 1994: Michael Parkinson
2014: Robert Magistrado 1993: Sean Kelly
2001: Julie Crisp 1992: Mary Hoare
2000: Shane McCarthy 1991: Darryl Butler


These awards were created to reward individual excellence in candidates completing the GradCertIA and aim to:

  • Encourage high level achievement
  • Recognise excellence and commitment
  • Provide a platform for professional advancement.
Further information

ACIIA Award for Outstanding Contribution

ACIIA established in 2017 the ACIIA Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Internal Audit.

2017  Michael John Parkinson (IIA-Australia) and Nagesh Pinge (IIA-India) 


The Victor Z. Brink Award for Distinguished Service award

The Victor Z. Brink Award for Distinguished Service award was established in honour of Victor Brink, one of The IIA’s founders, and its recipients demonstrate outstanding service to the profession through participation in IIA activities.
  • 2011: Robert (Bob) Norman McDonald OAM PFIIA CIA CGAP
  • 2015: Michael John Parkinson PFIIA CIA CRMA 

The Certificate of Honors

The Certificate of Honors is one of the prestigious William S Smith Awards for Outstanding CIA Examination Performance. The Smith Awards are named in honour of the first Chairman of the Board of Regents, who was a driving force behind the development of the CIA Program. Consideration for the Smith awards is based on a candidate's performance on the core  parts of the CIA exam (Parts I , II and III). 
  • 2018: Paul Townsend
  • 2017: Jessica Gabai
  • 2014: Robert Magistrado 
  • 2011: Stuart Hay 
  • 2004 :Matthew McDonald and Donna Smith 
  • 2001: Julie Crisp and David White

Certificate of Excellence

1994 Michael Parkinson (the first Certificate of Excellence for performance as a CIA candidate internationally).

Member Award Recipients

In this series we feature IIA-Australia Members who have been recognised with awards past and present.

Barry Davidow



Bruce TurneR AM 


Chris Kelly

Josh Gould

Michael Parkinson

Philomena Leung

Stephen Horne