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Internal auditors who join IIA-Australia contribute to the standing of the internal audit profession in the community, as well as gaining the benefits provided by being part of a professional community.

Members of IIA-Australia get a range of support, services and information which helps them perform their roles, improve their skills and knowledge, and keep up-to-date. IIA-Australia also builds and promotes the value of the profession.

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Membership of IIA-Australia identifies you as working or studying in internal audit or a related area such as risk management, compliance and governance. By joining the Institute, you are strengthening your credibility in the profession, demonstrating commitment to your career, and supporting the advancement of the internal audit profession in the community.
If you are currently a member of the IIA internationally and would like to find out about transferring your membership to the IIA-Australia, our membership team would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

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Please note that prices have increased for the 2022-2023 membership year. 


$625 annually

An AMIIA (Associate Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors) is for those on the path to becoming a PMIIA, or if you have an interest or involvement in internal auditing

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$625 annually

Become a PMIIA (Professional Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors) if you are an experienced internal auditor.

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Student Membership


Student membership is for full-time students or full time international or distance students engaged in the study of internal auditing

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Group Membership

from $593.75*

Group Membership applies when three or more individuals wish to become members. The larger the group, the more savings apply.

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$410 annually

The class of Affiliate Member is open to all non-internal audit practitioners who work closely with internal auditors.

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Work closely with internal auditors?

IIA-Australia has established the new category of Affiliate Membership for professionals who work closely with internal audit practitioners.

The benefits of Affiliate Membership include networking with internal auditors, gaining a better understanding of the internal audit profession and what it has to offer, and membership discount opportunities. 

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membership subscription year

IIA-Australia works on a single renewal date.  The membership year runs from 1 July - 30 June. 

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For more information about membership of IIA-Australia, contact:

T: +61 2 9267 9155
Toll Free: 1800 236 366