CAE Service

IIA-Australia - CAE Service
The CAE Service is a unique network. It assists chief audit executives with responding to the business challenges, demands, and opportunities facing internal auditors today.

CAE Service activities

The centrepiece of the CAE Service is a quarterly meeting. IIA-Australia works with members to shape the meeting to their needs. Meetings have included guest speakers, presentations by members and roundtable discussions on current issues. The formal and informal networking initiated at the meetings is highly valued by this peer group of senior executives, and extends beyond the meetings.

CAE Service members also have the opportunity to contribute to IIA-Australia's work promoting and advocating for the profession.

CAE Service Membership

The CAE Service is an organisational membership which allows participation to pass to the next CAE, but each individual must also hold their own individual membership with IIA-Australia.

Be a guest at a CAE Service event

CAEs who are interested in joining the group are welcome to attend one quarterly meeting.

Join the group for half a day, and experience the benefit this unique professional network can bring you and your organisation.

How to join

To join the CAE Service, please contact:
T: +61 2 9267 9155
Toll Free: 1800 236 366 (outside Sydney)