Get to know our facilitators - John Chesshire

by Tess Borges | Jul 11, 2022
When did you know you wanted to become a trainer?
Too long ago to repeat here, haha. I was a trainer well before I was an internal auditor, actually. I worked for the Benefits Agency in the UK and moved into a training role to teach new entrants how to process and administer benefits claims and payments. That was in 1995. I became an internal auditor in 1999 and started delivering internal audit training on a part-time basis in 2003.

What makes your job exciting?
Exciting, we are talking about internal audit, aren’t we?! I’m fortunate to meet large numbers of internal auditors around the world in my job and that is exciting. I also learn a lot from other internal audit professionals and that is exciting too. Finally, I get to travel a lot, lockdown excepted, and so visiting new places is high on the excitement-ometer for me! It’s great to be travelling again!

What are the biggest misconceptions about your work?
That internal audit is bean-counting and boring, rather than being one of the most varied and rewarding professions, where we have the opportunity to make a real, positive difference everyday. Sorry, I was getting excited again.

Tell us something that usually people do not know about you.
I hate these kinds of questions. I’m pretty boring, even if internal audit and my work is really interesting! I’ve been in internal audit roles for over 22 years, so clearly I must have started when I was around 12 years old… maybe.