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Applications open for Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing

Nov 22, 2022 15:28 PM

Applications are currently being accepted for  Semester 1, 2023 of the  Graduate Certificate  in Internal Auditing.         

The GradCertIA is a fully online postgraduate professional education program for those seeking a career in internal audit, governance and risk. It is an academically rigorous postgraduate education program, fully accredited by the higher education regulatory body and sits at level 8 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have achieved an internal auditing qualification of the highest standard and be eligible to apply for Professional Membership of the Institute of Internal Auditors - Australia. 

This course is beneficial for those:

  • New to the profession of internal auditing
  • Who want to upskill with a post-graduate qualification
  • Who want to career transition into the profession of internal auditing
  • Aspiring to promotion in their internal auditing career
  • Organisations who want to develop an internal audit team that will take a comprehensive view of the business and the environment in which it operates

We recently surveyed a number of our past graduates (those who had graduated more than 18 months ago) to determine how completing the course had helped them progress in their profession. An impressive 90 percent of graduates said gaining the qualification had helped them in their career. Furthermore, 93 percent said the content they learned in the course helped them better perform in their role. And 85 percent said they would recommend the course to others.

These are some of the comments graduates shared with us:

I have more responsibility and direct reports, increased income based on my ability to demonstrate a level of knowledge beyond most others in the organisation. (Todd, Vic)

It helped as I was brand new to Internal Audit. The course gave me the basics on how the role should be performed technically…I was able to upskill into the position of Internal Audit Manager faster and easier than without this external course. Also great to make connections with other peers in the industry. (Tania, NZ )

One of the themes that emerged was how the course helped those that wanted to relaunch their career into a new field.

I'm 68 and working part-time. The course extended my working life as it provided the qualification and skills required to undertake the role which was offered to me in 2014. (Andrew, Vic)

Approximately 10 years ago, the Grad-Cert gave me the opportunity to re-skill following a career in management. The turnaround was achieved in a shortish timeframe and work opportunities immediately followed (even when only part way through). From that perspective the Grad Cert was excellent for me and served me well in setting up the final stage of my working life. (Chris, Qld)

Provided me with a different skill set allowing me to complement my financial management / accounting skills with audit / assurance.  Allowed me to transfer into an assurance role within the same company. (Simon, WA)

For those working in the field, the course gave them the technical skills and expertise to be more effective in their role:

What this course provided me was skills in planning and risk assessing the environment. In particular ensuring supporting evidence and reporting skills are clear and concise. (Elizabeth, NSW)

It has given me the confidence to take on more responsibility in my current, and in the CAE role when secondment opportunities present.  I am better able to execute my role. A greater understanding of the IPPF has helped me to inform business process improvements for the audit function and a very successful external quality assessment. (Jacqui, Qld)

IIA-Australia invites you to find out how a Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing can help the career of you or your staff.  

2023 Key dates:

  • 3 February - enrolments close
  • 27 February Semester 1 commences, 2023
  • 26 May - Module Finishes (discussion forum closes)

Please refer to the Module Calendar for more information. 

Please contact Amanda Shepherd or Tara Twiddy ([email protected]) or phone +61 2 9267 9155 to find out more or visit www.iia.org.au/gradcertia