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Probity in Local Government Procurement - Online Classroom

Council procurement and disposal activities are governed by strict considerations of probity, transparency, and accountability, as they involve expenditure of public funds for public purposes. Procurement in the local government sector can be a complicated area so it is important for Councils to understand the legislative and policy requirements relating to local government tendering.  

This training course with provide participants with an outline of the key procurement requirements for local government including insight into the areas of tendering which can create a level of probity and governance risk. Participants in this training will also be given insights into some of the key probity risks and trends across the sector as well as understanding the role and value of probity for these procurement activities.  


Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the training course, the participant will be able to: 

  • Describe the circumstances in which Councils should consider the engagement of probity auditors and advisors and what is the difference in these roles? 
  • Understand the legislative framework applicable to local government 
  • Understand the key risks areas for local government procurement including the rules surrounding: 
    •     the acceptance and consideration of late tenders 

    •     the variation of tenders and the impacts of these restrictions on negotiations during a procurement process 
  • Understand the probity considerations for areas such as rejection of tenders and entering negotiations: what does this mean from a probity perspective and how is this practically applied during the procurement process 
  • Provide Insight into innovation in procurement in local government including interactive tendering and how this fit into the current procurement framework for local government 
  • Identify and manage of conflicts of interest and the impacts of this on the procurement process. 

Trainer: Sarah Mullins - Partner - OCM


Sarah Mullins is the lead partner at OCM for Local Government Services as well as OCM’s National Quality Assurance lead for Probity Services. She has been involved in many probity engagements, including the provision of probity audit and advisory services. Her key areas of expertise are within government procurement activities, providing advice and guidance on adhering to legislative and policy frameworks for State and Local Government, as well as general conduct obligations and ethical conduct.

Sarah also has extensive experience in providing assistance to many State Government clients with regard to their procurement and tendering policies and procedures as well as benchmarking these documents against better practice and the Procurement Policy Framework Review.

Online Classroom:   This one-day training program will be delivered in two 3 hour lessons (9:30am - 12:30pm AEST) on 20, 21 September using Zoom.

 Registrations will be strictly limited to 12 participants to allow maximum interaction in the online environment.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 to Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Online Classroom


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2 x 3 Hours, 6.00 hours
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