Call for Nominations: Director and Board Committees

by User Not Found | Feb 15, 2018
The Nominations Committee is now calling for nominations as Director (2018/20) and invites you to consider nominating. Following the completion recently of a Board skills matrix, the Nominations Committee encourages nominations from members who are in the age range 30-45 and/or female and/or from a non-European background.

The Nomination form for Directors and associated information is available on the website.

Board Committees

The Nominations Committee is now calling for nominations for members of a number of Board Committees. The Board Committees for which a pool of qualified members is required are:

  • Audit & Risk
  • Education
  • Disciplinary & Review
  • Nominations.
The nomination form is available on the website.

Nominations need to be at the IIA-Australia’s office by Monday 5 March 2018. Nomination forms by facsimile, post or email will be accepted. 

P: IIA-Australia, PO Box A2311, Sydney South NSW 1235 
F: 02 9264 9240 

A formal notice of the AGM will be sent to you once nominations close, together with an agenda, the nominees recommended and a proxy form. The AGM of IIA–Australia will be held on 22 May 2018, 5.00pm in Melbourne as part of SOPAC® 2018.